• Dr. Med. Prof. Aleksander Popov
    Aleksander Popov
Dr. Med. Prof. Aleksander Popov
The head of Endoscopic Surgery Department in the Moscow Regional Scientific Research Institute of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

The main directions of professional activity:

  • surgical treatment of benign and borderline tumors of the uterus and adnexae
  • reproductive surgery
  • surgical and conservative treatment of endometriosis
  • surgical treatment of genital prolapse and urinary incontinence
  • robot-assisted surgery in gynecology

For more than 25 years of practice he has published about 360 scientific works, 3 monographs. In the cooperation with other colleagues, he is the author of 5 invention patents registered in Russia.

He is one of the authors and leading experts for Federal Endometriosis and Myomas Guidelines.

More than 25 Ph.D. there were defended in his department by the students under his supervision.

He is among the editors of several medical journals published in Russia.

Dr. Popov was trained in leading clinics such as: Clinic Mayo - prof. S. Podrats, Clinic NY University - prof. H. Reich, Germany Clinic of the University of Kiel - prof. K. Semm, France University Clinic Clermont- Ferrand - prof. M. Bruihat

Several times a year Dr. Popov holds certificated training seminar. He widely introduces new techniques, distant and TV medicine training.

He is the member of professional associations: the Russian Association of Human Reproduction (RAHR), Russian Association of Endoscopic Gynecologists (RAEG), Russian Association of endometriosis (RAE), the American Association of Gynaecologists laparoscopy (AAGL), the European Association of Endoscopic Gynecology (ESGE), the European Association of endometriosis (EEL) , the World Association of endometriosis (WES), Society of European Robotic Gynecological Surgery (SERGS), Society of Endometriosis and uterine Disorders (SEUD), American Association Gynecologic Laporoscopists (AAGL) .